How a bouncy castle started

If a young child’s birthday party has ever been attended, chances are a bounce house has been involved. These plastic castles filled with air are always huge hits for both children and even adults seeking to recapture their inner child.

Something about being able to jump and dance and move freely in an enclosed safe space makes everyone happy and giddy, and surprisingly that fun factor was why the castles were designed in the first place.

The history of the bounce house

When a man named John Surlock, who had previously created other inflatable gear such as tents and cushions, saw some of his workers jumping on the inflated gear and having fun while doing it he came up with the idea for a bouncy floor.

He started his own company for this idea, and soon began creating inflatable floors and mattresses solely to be jumped on. Although they did post a slight safety risk because they had no walls and could easily be bounced off of, the idea was a hit and soon evolved into the bouncy castle we know today.

Walls and fans were added to keep the inside cool, and the company grew from Surlocks family into a massive enterprise. Their son even created the first ever inflatable waterslide, and an indoor play park.

Safety and fun

While a bounce house lowell and the houses in other cities do pose some safety concerns, and some children are injured by a bounce house related accident every year, they are still hits at birthday parties and other celebrations.

bounce house lowell

Always ensure that the instructions are followed when inflating and setting up a bounce house, and while the air is being pumped in, maybe you can share some facts about how the popular invention came to be.