This Proves It, Love Is In The Air

If you’re looking for something romantic and special to do with your significant other, you could do worse than to take a silent flight over the beautiful countryside of Santa Rosa, California.

A couples balloon flights santa rosa ca is a little different and it is like stepping back from the world for a while.

Balloons rise on hot air, and making sure that there is enough is quite a noisy job. The burners really do roar into life. They yell across the valleys they have a purpose and they are going to achieve it. As you rise into the air, you are accompanied by this rush from the burner but then, the pilot shuts it off, and something completely different happens.

This huge and beautiful balloon

They really are massive. Looking across to the balloons flying with you, you get an idea of the size of the gentle giant floating across the earth. Look up and you can see the same thing. But, once the burner stops the silence is really deafening.

couples balloon flights santa rosa ca

You hear the wind, see the earth below you in miniature but there’s no noise. No traffic, no cell phones. This is active mindfulness. You can’t help but be here. This is about as far from modern life as you can get unless you’re in the middle of the jungle.

Time for active romance

If you’re looking for somewhere to propose, 300 feet in the air could be the perfect spot. Add a glass of champagne up there to celebrate your own personal high spot and what could be better. You might not go down on one knee, the sides of the basket might make that a little difficult, but you and your loved one will never forget the sensations of the moment.